Personal Information

E-mail:         ayfer.ecevit @

Phone.:        0-212-359 69 43

Address:      Bogazici University, Management Information Systems Department, Hisar Campus, 34342, Istanbul, Turkey


B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics (Double Major), Faculty of Science, Istanbul University, 1975

Ph.D. in Media Planning, Department of Business Mathematics, Faculty of Management, Istanbul University, 1995

Academic Experiences

1995-   ...    Instructor, Management Information Systems Department, School of Applied Disciplines, Bogazici University

1975-1995  Instructor, Technical Programs, School for Advanced Vocational Studies, Bogazici University

Administrative Experiences

1996-1998  Assistant Director, School of Applied Disciplines, Bogazici University

1996-1998  Assistant Director, School of Applied Disciplines, Bogazici University

1985-1987  Head of Electronics Program, School for Advanced Vocational Studies, Bogazici University

University Commissions and Boards

Bosphorus University Scholarship Committee Membership (1980 - )

Budgeting and Purchasing Committee

Double Major Committee

Presentation Committee of School of Applied Disciplines

Research Interests

Media Planning

Software Evaluation

Research Projects (Coordinator)

MS Office Certificate Programs in School for Advanced Vocational Studies (1998 - )

Nuri Başoğlu, Ayfer Ecevit, "Reorganization of Information Systems: Study of a Library Case" Research Project - 98HN301 (1998- )

Basic and Advanced Basic Programming Courses Academical Administrator in School for Advanced Vocational Studies (1985-1987)

Course Taught

*MIS 143 Business Mathematics I

*MIS 144 Business Mathematics II

*MIS 481 Senior Seminars in MIS

TRM 151 Business Mathematics I

TRM 152 Business Mathematics II

INTT 151 Business Mathematics I

INTT 152 Business Mathematics II

COMP 151 Business Mathematics I

COMP 152 Business Mathematics II

ELT 151 Mathematics I

ELT 152 Mathematics II

ELT 203 Mathematics III (Advanced Mathematics)

ELT 204 Mathematics IV (Advanced Mathematics)

ELT 225 Electromagnetic Waves

ELT 121 Electrical Circuits

* The courses currently being given


Turkish Foundation of Information– Foundation Member(1995 - )

Member of Executive Committee of Lifelong Learning Center (2001 - 2005)


Ecevit, A. (1980) Electromagnetic Waves, Bogazici University Press

Ülgen,Y., Ecevit, A. (1981) Introduction to Basic Programming, Bogazici University Press

Ecevit, A., Türkoğlu, N.,Yetkin, I., Budak, G., Taner, I. (1981) Applied Basic Programming Handbook, Bogazici University Press